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Josh’s mission is to promote conservation and outdoor exploration through photography.

Josh Addison is a photographer based out of Boulder, Colorado. Photography began as a hobby for Josh, but quickly turned in to an obsession of chasing light and fleeting moments. Josh spent most of his early years as a runner, competing in distances from 800 meters on the track to a 100 mile run through the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. During this time of being a runner, Josh formed a deep connection with nature, leading to the realization of its importance. Josh hopes to express intimate connection with nature through his photography. Josh has spent his college career at the University of Colorado studying Ecology and Environmental Studies. He received a grant in the summer of 2017 to work at the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station as a research assistant, investigating how alpine plant communities are impacted by climate change. His scientific background is apparent in his methodical approach to photography.

Recent clients: Outside Magazine, Stept Studios, ASICS, Cultivate, Loam Magazine, Niwot Inn and Spa, Shift Real Estate.